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Recipient of the TACIT Still Life - Curator's Prize 2021

Still life-balance, 2020 - Artist Statement​​


This body of work, six images in total, was made during last year’s Covid19 lockdown in Melbourne. The series, made over a two-week period, explores isolation and the resulting change to our life-balance. The photographs describe a state of mind, the sense of endless mundane house-bound routine against the often-overlooked simple pleasures, like watching sunlight falling on a vase of flowers.


These are not static vignettes; there is a chase scene. Sunlight appears to visibly race across the wall infusing the scene with a warm glow and in that perfect fraction of a second everything is in absolute balance and all of our current worries are forgotten and we can once again breathe.      


These photographs were made on film using a large format camera. The lens was replaced with two large magnifying glasses. A combination of film and digital techniques allowed for a negative to be contact printed for these final prints. The paper was coated by hand with a light sensitive emulsion in preparation for the 19th century, Van Dyke Brown printing process. Each print is unique and finished with bee’s wax. 

Ester's Orchid, 2019

"I was given an orchid. It lived under a skylight bathed in changing in sunlight"

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