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Elwood Bridges, 2020 - Artist Statement

The Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne restricted our movement to one hour of daily exercise within a 5 km radius of home. It was an all too brief moment away from news channels. I spent time wandering the Elster creek close to home. The creek flows into the Elwood Canal before emptying into Port Phillip Bay. This reflective series of four prints were made with a large format pinhole camera. I'm currently fixated with the Van Dyke Brown printing process. The results are quite lovely, very tactile and reflect the hand made nature and uniqueness of traditional photography. 

“I turn my back on the street scape with its clutter that distracts and instead focus on this beautiful natural corridor that cuts across this residential suburb connecting inland creek to sea. Almost primordial if you squint, a languid passage of water with timeless reflections. The thoroughfare of shrieking cockatoo’s and small wading birds… and bridges like lost monuments stumbled on in some far away jungle”

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