In Rock, 2015

Imagine stepping into a room and seeing shelves stacked full of thousands of dusty old 8 track music cartridges from the 1960s &`70s! 

This started out as a personal project to photograph some of these lovely artefacts that technology has left behind. For those who may not know, 8 track music cartridges were big in the 1970`s before tape cassettes and CD`s came along. The majority of the music in the collection I already knew and loved however seeing it all grouped together, it became apparent that there was a larger story to be told. 

The cartridges had been sitting in storage for over 30 years and were thick with dust. I was drawn to the surface details. Scratches etched into the plastic cartridges. Frayed cardboard covers bleached in the sun. The rich surface patina from countless plays on a thousand different occasions. Cruising with the windows down. No effort has been made to clean up these cartridges!

These Prints are a reminder that we each have our own sound track. These Limited Edition Prints are reproduced on beautiful 310gsm heavy weight paper and are designed to make a statement and bring some Rock`n`Roll style to todays contemporary home. 

InRock Print Reviews (Etsy)

"Love, love, love this! It looks amazing!"  Emily, Carrboro, North Carolina

"These pieces are the best - the quality & imagination brought to life in each print is unsurpassed as far as any other rock art on the market"  Andy, Los Angeles, California


"The quality is amazing, such a unique print! Love the matte finish!" Alayssa, Bay Island


"Bottom line, the art is brilliant & Mat at In Rock went out of his way for me! For this a am very grateful" Rick, Dongguan, China

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