Children`s Dress Up Photos

Never forget those crazy Dress Up Combos!

How it works:

We take the photos in my Elwood home/studio. You bring along your child's favourite Dress up. We have 30 minutes. Photographs are taken in front of a simple painted backdrop. I capture their laughter, hysteria and tears! Sometimes it`s a case of (as the daughter says); "You get what you get and you don`t get upset!"

What you get:

Apart from the entertainment you get of watching me trying to take a photograph, you can expect 4 High Resolution Colour "Dress up Portraits" from the session. After your shoot, the images are graded and taken through the post production process. To finish things off I burn your Photographs to disk. And of course you go away with a small Goody Bag! 


Cost: $100


Dress up Portraits are offered to parents with children 3-4 years of age. Owing to their young age, attention spans can be short. The environment is relaxed and informal. The images are not stylized in any way and the child takes the lead. Parents remain with the child at all times. Your disk is ready to collect within 48 hours. I also offer a complete Printing & Framing service. Feel free to visit the studio before booking.


Contact Mat: 0407 822 160 

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