Informal Family Portraits

How it works:

I take all your photographs outdoors where there`s space to run around.  We agree on a time & place. Its also nice to discuss any group shots and clothing in advance. We have an hour.


In an age where everyone has a camera on their phone this is your chance to get in the photo yourself and get some high quality pictures for the family album!


My photographic style is natural. I try not to be too formal or stylised. I`m more interested in capturing your special moments with your family rather than staged perfection.


St. Kilda Botanical Gardens is a favourite spot. The best time of day is always the last couple of hours before dusk. Occasionally I can be coaxed out for an early morning shoot too... 

What you get:

You can expect between 10-20 High Resolution Colour Portraits from the hours session. After your shoot the images will be graded and taken through the post production process. I always include a couple of Black & White versions of your best shots. And to finish things up I burn your Photographs to disk. 

Cost: $180

Informal Family Portraits. Disk is ready to collect within 48 hours. I also offer a complete Printing & Framing service. More information, contact Mat: 0407 822 160 

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